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The Critic Returns
Posted By machievelli - 02/28/15
Another week and I am back again. Not a busy week, but a fruitful one. Working on two different fanfiction stories, and another offering for the Grantville Gazette. So let's get started.

Only one pick this week, Slapped By A Dead Man by Epona's Chosen

Back to work! Signing off...
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The Critic Returns
Posted By machievelli - 02/24/15
Another week, another column. Sorry about being late, I can be easily distracted by... wait, shiny!

We start with Shadows of a Dream and Let Me Burn followed by Cleopatra Antoinette with Cacophonous Harmonies then Epona's Chosen with Her Dream

And best of the week goes to Kosiah for Memory

Signing off...
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The Critic Returns
Posted By machievelli - 02/15/15
Actually early this week. Trying to do so many things at the same time, it's not even funny. So let's get to the reviews

We have only one pick this week, and while good, it isn't good enough to be best, so we have Ryl00's New Dawn Fades

Back to work! Signing off...
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The Critic Returns
Posted By machievelli - 02/11/15
Another late column. Maybe I should retire and let someone else take over? Maybe so. But let's see what we have got for you first, eh?
We start off with the only story Boofus posted. While it needs work A Crusader's Tale was well done. So why don't some of you actually read it? It deserves reviews beyond mine. CMBaggs gave us more of a question than an answer with Passion's Purpose, but it''s a question that deserves an answer.

And best of the Week went to the testosterone fueled work by BunBun Fett with Something Done Right

Back to the daily grind. Signing off...
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The Critic Returns
Posted By machievelli - 02/04/15
Running late, as seems to be always. So without further ado

We have Sarah1281' humorousI Need A Drink

And best of the Week is Divvanzor's outrageous Chicks Dig the Metal Jaw

Busy, Busy, Busy. Signing off...
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The Critic Returns
Posted By machievelli - 01/27/15
Working on a story to follow my first sale to the Grantville Gazette. One comment made had been that it was too trite,and I agreed. Another that I could have expanded it, and I have. One more commented I didn't know the travel conditions and ignored them. So a work of about 20 pages is going to be around a hundred plus.

Because I do love a challenge.

So let's look at what I have for you today...

Only two came up on my radar as good enough, they are Buddyboy98 's Coming Home With Best of the Week going to AnnieCD For Interlude in Hyperspace

So enjoy as I dive back into the 17th century...
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critic's two cents running late
Posted By machievelli - 01/20/15
Two weeks ago when I tried to post, I got an error saying the site was down, then got hung up, because I had sold a story to the Grantville Gazette, and spent the last two weeks trying to finish a second when I should have been doing this. For that I am sorry.

So here they are.

I've had so many irons in the fire this last month, that I'm surprised I didn't go down from heat prostration. One story sold, another in consideration. How's that for the last quarter of my year?

So let's get started with this late posting!

TheLightIsMine gave us two, and as the author already has a combined work best, can't have another Best this week, sorry. Though Don't You Wanna Stay? and Speculations are worth a look. Following them is Salem Anderson with The Reason and finally The Raider with Just Breathe

Back to work!

and today:

Running over a week late, and I only have my own real life to blame. First, back in November, I wrote a story in the 1632 Universe, and it sold. In fact I was stunned by how fast it did sell. And I really need the money near the first of the year to keep body soul, and roof together at that time. So I have been working on other stories for that same venue, but so far, no joy.

However what that means, is I have been slacking on these reviews. In fact for the last year, I have been expecting someone to complain. So if you do, I will merely bow my head and take it like a man. So finally, let's get to the reviews.

What's a Title?
So Done I Cannot Even

Best of the Week
Shades of Gray
Nicollette Knight

Back to it.
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The Critic Returns runing late
Posted By machievelli - 12/21/14
So, coming up on Christmas. For me it's just another day, though shifting our schedule so we're off was a nice touch. Working on Synchronicity II for the Grantville Gazette. hope it sells.

Some good stuff for you this week, so drum roll please!

While no one got the nod for a best this week, we do have Shadows Of The Storm's Forgive Me
starting off, with Wakkomonkey9258's Pretty next, and finally
Fluidfyre withAbsence

So have a nice holiday, and I'll be back! Signing off...
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The Critic Returns runing late
Posted By machievelli - 12/16/14
Running late, but it's done! Found out if you tried to see the final cut of my story on Baen's Bar, you needed to be a member, so sorry about that. But you can look at Synchronicity there in the 1632 slush. So on with the reviews!

We start off with Shadows Of The Storm again in the spotlight with Memories of Shadow then Azure Fields with the cute Who Am I?

The Revan redeeming a promise with AprilRyanMyFriend's Iridescent

Working on Synchronicity II! Signing off...
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The Critic Returns runing late
Posted By machievelli - 12/07/14
Last week when I should have been working on my column, I was busy editing and polishing the story I just sold to the Grantville Gazette online magazine.

What was stunning was that I had mentioned working on it just a couple of weeks before this column was to post, and it went from first posting (Where all of the readers and authors get to look at what you offered) to acceptance in less than a week, which from what I have been told, is like a rookie Driver who races at Indy and walks away the winner.

So I owed you a double. But I'm still jazzed about the sale. It is the first professional vindication that yeah, I can write, and have people who do it for a living praising me.

My eye is almost completely healed, and hopefully it will not recur, though both of my doctor and myself worry about it. We'll know soon enough.

So let's check out the good stuff!

We start off with LadyArin'sAn Answer to an Unasked Question followed by Synedoche with Peripeteia, then Heroes Die withVerdict and Logos Minus Pity with Memoirs DreamALittleBitBiggerDarling's first time at bat scores with Birthday Gift and one of four by Ephemerale also hit with Screwed and finally
Code name Anrui Yuy rounds it out with What of Dreams

But Best was a tie; Msficwriter with FORMLESS: Chapter 3 Interlude: The Dragon Speaksand Nyghtraven withDangerous Games

So as I am still jazzed, I'm mentally working on two more offerings to the Gazette. Which should I do first, the follow on to Synchronicity? Or a missionary teaching the Indians about guerrilla warfare I think I will name Redemption?

Decisions, decisions...
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The Critic Returns
Posted By machievelli - 11/23/14
Well the path to posting on SWK was back up this last time, so I am posting as normal again. As I mentioned last week, I was working on a story for the 1632 universe. For those who have never read it, or have and have not yet checked out the site, Baenbooks has a website for hopeful authors in the series called 1632 Slush. It's posted there under my screen name of Machievelli, and while you have to become a member (Free), that effort to my mind is worth it. Some of the stories you see there will eventually find their way into the E-zine or into print. and if you like the story, you can always post your comments on the companion forum where comments are posted.

I posted when I did because I tend to nitpick my own work a lot worse than I have ever done for those of you I have reviewed. I have one story that was actually published after tweaking for almost two decades. Though if you ever have a book you want to sel, never, never, never go through Publishamerica to do it. That way lies roast skunk and madness.

But enough about me.

This week we have three picks, and since they are all good, I couldn't decide. They are beccHaDOUKE's Over Moondoe's Sleep Deprived
and 4th of Eleven's Secondhand

Well, reading comments, and finding new people to fill in for my characters. Signing off...
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