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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Influence Walkthrough by Achilles

The Light Side Walkthrough

The Harbinger

Atton - Influence Increase - "Atton's plan was a good one - let's head to the bridge and get the drift charts." after Kreia chides that "Our enemies gather while we wait here." (Atton: 58).

Atton - Influence Increase - "We'll have to be careful, then. But we have to keep moving." after he cautions "I have a bad feeling about this" (Atton: 66).


T3-M4 - Influence Increase - "Don't blame yourself. If you hadn't gotten us out of the administration level, we'd have never made it this far." while he's telling you about being ambushed by the HK-50 unit (T3-M4: 58). Talk to T3-M4 again and ask him about being damaged. Tell him "Well, I'm sure you'll gain that skill back. I'm glad to have you along." when the opportunity presents itself for an influence increase (T3-M4: 66).

Ebon Hawk - Escape From Peragus

Kreia - Influence Decrease - Speak to Kreia and discuss the events that just occurred on Peragus. When she states "That does not surprise me - any more than you hearing my thoughts when we were apart. The pain, however, was unexpected; if I could, I would have shielded you from it." reply with "If I could, I would have protected you." (Kreia: 42).

Continue to speak to her, stating "I would welcome whatever aid you offer." after she offers to help you reestablish your connection to the Force (Kreia: 50).


NOTE: Be sure to speak to one of Handmaiden's sisters about Atton's Echani training in order to unlock the "Echani Training" dialog options with Atton later in the game.

Bao-Dur - Influence Increase - After he wakes up and says "I... am sorry, General. I must have lost consciousness in the crash." reply with "There is nothing to apologize for. Are you sure you're okay?" followed by "Are you well enough to travel?" and "Come with me, then. I could use your help." when available (Bao-Dur: 74).

T3-M4 - Influence Increase - Either "It wasn't your fault they took the ship, T3." or "Look, I'm just glad I found you." after recovering him in the Hidden Academy (T3-M4: 74).

Ebon Hawk - Escape From Telos

NOTE: Many of the INF opportunities in this section are related to Handmaiden. If your PC is female, then Handmaiden will not appear during this exchange and the INF options listed here will not apply. Female PCs will instead meet up with Disciple on Dantooine. From this point forward, entries for Handmaiden and Disciple may be found side-by-side.

Handmaiden - Influence Increase - "I will take whatever help I can get." after she states that she is there to aid you (Handmaiden: 58). Later in the conversation select either "Don't let them bother you - we've just been through a lot." or "Look, forget Atton. Take the regular quarters, we have enough room." after Atton relegates her to the cargo hold (Handmaiden: 66).

Afterwards, go speak to Handmaiden and initiate the first of three duels. If you win, you will gain influence with her (Handmaiden: 74). After your first duel, speak to the Handmaiden again and ask her, "Why do you look different than your sisters?" follow this lengthy dialog for a while, choosing the Light Side responses along the way. Eventually, she will swear allegiance to you, gaining you even more influence with her (Handmaiden: 82).

NOTE: After you've finished speaking to Handmaiden, seek out Kreia. She will eventually begin to question the amount of time that you are spending with Handmaiden. Stick to Light Side options here and finish the conversation. She will mention Handmaiden's Jedi heritage, unlocking a vital dialog option that will allow you to gain influence with Handmaiden later in the game. You can go speak to Handmaiden again, however you will not have sufficient influence with her to complete that portion of the dialog.

Kreia - Influence Decrease - Talk to Kreia again. She will mention that you are getting more powerful and then blather on for a while about your conduct. Most of the dialog options you will be given are harmless, neither gaining nor losing you and influence points. Toward the end of the conversation though, you will have to choose from yet another set of catch-22 responses. Select "They are loyal companions - and I will not harm them.", "I will never abandon my friends in such a way.", or "I do not turn on my allies like the Jedi turned on their own during the wars." to lose more influence over Kreia (Kreia: 42).

Speak to Kreia again and ask her why she doesn't like Handmaiden. When she cautions "Do not see every enemy as an enemy - see them instead as an ally, whether they realize it or not. This situation may yet work to our advantage.", reply with "I do not see the Handmaiden as an enemy, and neither should you." (Kreia: 34)

T3-M4 - Influence Increase - Find T3-M4 and ask him, "How's the Ebon Hawk". Reply to answer with either "T3, I really appreciate your help." or "Good job - glad to hear it." (T3-M4: 82). Now ask T3-M4 to show the list of Jedi Masters again. When he's finished tell him, "Oh, I'm not angry. I wish you'd wiped the database before you left." (T3-M4: 90).

Last one. This influence opportunity will only be available if your Intelligence is at least 14 and your Computer Usage Skill is at least 10. Use whatever boosting items and Force powers you have, and then go speak to T3-M4 one last time. You should now see, "[Intelligence] How did you get here, T3?" in your list of dialog options. Follow this up with "[Computer] Let me check your core. I'll be careful, I promise." and then "I want to make sure you're all right. Just let me check, all right?". This will unlock a hidden message that he is storing. Depending on Revan's gender and alignment, you'll find a message from either Bastila or Carth. There are more Light Side and influence opportunities after the message is finished playing however, you've already maxed out your INF with T3-M4, so you can opt to end the conversation now. If you haven't already, make sure that you've beefed up your Computer Usage and Repair skills and get to work on T3-M4 for some really cool upgrades and XP (T3-M4: 100)

Atton - Influence Increase - Remember the conversation that you had with Handmaiden's sisters? This is where that aside will pay off. Go speak to Atton and ask him about his Echani training. Choose "I was just asking - no harm meant. I just thought it could be an asset." when it becomes available (Atton: 74).

NOTE: There are no additional influence opportunities at this time. Go the Galaxy Map and head for Nar Shaddaa.

Nar Shaddaa

NOTE: Continuing with the "reap what you sow" theme, there are a few things that you must be sure to do on Nar Shaddaa in order to guarantee influence opportunities later. To be specific, you will be unable to unlock vital dialog options with G0-T0 later in the game if you do not hack the swoop racing droid in the Refugee Landing Pad and the Pazaak droid in the Entertainment Promenade. Furthermore, you must also complete the Experiments in Delivery Bonus Mission involving the Bith scientist in the flophouses.

Kreia - Influence Decrease - "That is a lesson I will never learn, for I do not believe it." in response to "And that is my lesson to you. Be careful of charity and kindness, lest you do more harm with open hands than with a clenched fist." after meeting the third beggar in the landing pad area (Kreia: 26)

Bao-Dur - Influence Increase/Kreia - Influence Decrease - With Kreia and Bao-Dur in your party, approach Rutum (a beggar being threatened by a small group of Exchange enforcers) over near the Entertainment Promenade. Convince the enforcers to leave without a fight and then let Rutum leave unharmed for a triple dose of INF with Bao-Dur and an INF decrease with Kreia. There are many ways to achieve these objectives, so I won't list them all here (they should be fairly obvious). It is highly recommended that you do anything you can to bolster your Persuade skill. Also note that you will now have sufficient INF with Bao-Dur to train him as a Jedi Guardian (Bao-Dur: 98/Kreia: 18).

NOTE: You will have to speak to Bao-Dur several times and go through each of the main dialog options available before you can unlock the "training" portion of your conversation.

NOTE: Select whomever you would like for your party and then head over to the Docks. Complete as much or as little as of Nar Shaddaa as you would like, however do not go to Goto's Yacht and do proceed to the Refugee Quad without reading further. It is recommended that you at least gather the parts you'll need for the Broken Airspeeder side quest and initiate the Intergalactic Reunification Bonus Mission before heading down to the Quad.

Atton - Influence Increase - With Kreia and Atton in your party, head down to the Refugee Quad. Speak to Geriel and heal him. Afterwards, Atton will say "Well, guess the Jedi Code is still alive and well.". Reply with "Anyone in need deserves our help, if we are capable of it." for a double dose of influence (Atton: 90). Head toward the Serroco side of the Quad and trigger the cut scene with the two Twi'lek that will clue you in on Atton's history.

Kreia - Influence Decrease - Now go speak to Nadaa about her daughter Adana. Agree to help her and head up to the Exchange portion of the Quad to negotiate Adana's release with Saquesh. Successfully persuading Saquesh to hand over Adana for less than 1000 credits will gain you Light Side points and cost you influence with Kreia (Kreia: 10). Now finish up what business you have left in the Refugee Quad and prepare to head back to the Docks.

NOTE: When you leave the Refugee Quad, you will trigger a cut scene back at the Ebon Hawk. Your ship has been "commandeered" by the Red Eclipse, a group of Trandoshan slavers that don't like the fact that you've parked your ship in their spot. Finish up your business in the Docks before heading back to the ship. Once you board the Ebon Hawk, you will be flying solo for a while and you might not be able to complete many of the missions that are currently available.

Atton - Influence Increase - Once you have left the Refugee Quad, speak to Atton and let him know that you have some questions. Mention the Twi'lek that you just spoke to and comment that "He says you're not "Atton" at all. That you showed up on Nar Shaddaa during the Jedi Civil War.". Atton will flip his lid now, but if you tread carefully, everything will be ok. Ask "Is there anything you want to tell me?" and then follow up with "Calm down, I just wanted to know. No harm meant." (Atton: 98). Use your judgment to proceed from here.

Eventually, you'll get an opportunity to chime in with "I'd like to know about your past, especially if we're traveling together.". Atton seems to become a little bi-polar here, because all of a sudden he becomes rather amicable. Just keep going, and avoid Dark Side responses. Atton will chatter on for a while longer, but you now have more than sufficient influence to finish his training, making him a Jedi Sentinel.

Handmaiden - Influence Increase/Kreia - Influence Decrease - Now that you've made you way back to the Docks, add Handmaiden to your party and head back to Lootra's flophouse. Assuming that you've completed everything up to this point, Aaida and Lootra should now be reunited. After following all of the Light Side options, you should receive a lightsaber component and yet another scolding from Kreia. Choosing to stand up for you allies will cost you influence with Kreia, but gain you influence with Handmaiden (Handmaiden: 90/Kreia: 2)

NOTE: You now have sufficient influence to train Handmaiden, however just as you had to trigger the conversation with the Twi'leks before you train Atton, you must complete the last two sparring matches with Handmaiden before she can become a Jedi Guardian. Additionally, you should now have all the pieces that you need to build your lightsaber. If you are so inclined, add Bao-Dur back to your party and ask him to assemble your weapon. If you're ready, head back the Ebon Hawk to confront the Red Eclipse.

Ebon Hawk

NOTE: With everything else pretty much sewn up, the only place left to go is back to the Ebon Hawk to deal with the Red Eclipse. Once you enter and finish your business with the slavers, you should trigger the duel that allows Visas to enter your party. Not only will you get more than a few opportunities to gain influence with her right away, you'll be able to open up some influence-granting dialog options with some of your other party members.

If you are playing as a Male PC, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that once you max your influence with Visas, avoid speaking to Handmaiden while onboard the Ebon Hawk until after you have maxed your influence with her as well. If your influence is with Visas is greater than your influence with Handmaiden and you speak to Handmaiden on the Ebon Hawk, she will become upset and refuse to speak to you for the remainder of the game.

Visas - Influence Increase - After the fight, she will state "My life... for yours.". Respond with either "Look, you're wounded. Stand, let me get you to the medbay." or "I will not kill you." followed by "I will not kill a helpless opponent." (Visas: 58)

Handmaiden - Influence Increase - Your PC should now be at a high enough level to initiate the second sparring match with Handmaiden. Win and you'll gain influence with Handmaiden (Handmaiden: 98). After the match she will question you regarding your trial with the Jedi Counsel. Regardless of your response, you will gain influence with Handmaiden once again (Handmaiden: 100).

NOTE: There is still one more duel that you must win before you will be able to train Handmaiden, however you can now proceed with Visas without fear of alienating her. Go speak to Visas now.

Visas - Influence Increase - Seek out Visas and initiate a conversation with her. She'll start off with "My life for yours". Respond with "Are you all right?" (Visas: 66) followed by "That's not what I asked. I asked if you were all right." and then either "I didn't mean to hurt you." or "In medbay, I... we... noticed you have scars. Who hurt you?" (Visas: 74). Now direct the conversation toward her Master by asking "Who sent you?". Follow this up with "I need to know where I can find your Master." and "Ready?". Respond to her argument with "My life is unimportant - your Master threatens more than just me." (Visas: 82) followed by "If he is behind what has befallen the Jedi, then he must be stopped." (Visas: 90).

When the option becomes available again, tell her that you have other questions for her. Select "I have heard your species is blind. How are you able to see?" and then follow it up with "You sound as if that sight is lost to you.". She will then go on about her Master. Select "When one endures, it gives hope to others - and themselves." (Visas: 98) and then ask her "How do you see through the Force?". She will then teach you to use Force Sight. Go ahead and end the conversation here. Before you go, she will stop you with a question. Respond with "Because I believe you can be saved." (Visas: 100). Now seek out Kreia.

Kreia - Influence Increase - Your efforts to lose influence with Kreia will now pay off, due to the fact that you have alienated her enough to speak about her past with Revan. Satisfy your curiosity and when you are finished you will be rewarded with XP and increased influence over Kreia (Kreia: 10).

Initiate another conversation with Kreia and mention that Visas did something to your eyes while you were fighting. This will open up the Lesson of Listening, where she teaches you to feel others through the Force. Accepting this lesson will gain you influence with her along with some other small rewards (Kreia: 18).

Speak to Kreia again and indicate that you wish to continue the Lesson of Listening. When you are finished with you gain more influence with her as well as some other rewards for completing the lesson (Kreia: 26). Go speak to Atton.

Atton - Influence Increase - After you have finished the Lesson of Listening with Kreia, head to the cockpit to speak with Atton. Ask him why he plays Pazaak in his head and when he eventually says, "Because if you don't, you've left the door open. And anyone could walk right in." toward the end of the conversation, reply with "Atton, before, I felt your mind. With Kreia's help. I'm sorry.". For completing this dialog, you will gain +1 to your Will saves and max your influence over Atton (Atton: 100).

NOTE: You're now finished with all the influence opportunities that are available to you at this time. Once you leave the Ebon Hawk, you will trigger the rendezvous with Visquis in the Jekk'Jekk Tarr.

Nar Shaddaa

NOTE: By the time that you return from your trip to Goto's Yacht, you should have 3 new party members: G0-T0, HK-47, and Mira. Considering HK-47 a party member is a stretch because technically, you will only have all of the parts that you need to finish repairing him and not the completed droid himself, but let's not split hairs. Both of the new droids tend toward the Dark Side, however G0-T0 can be swayed to the Light Side without incurring any Dark Side points. HK-47 on the other hand is a lost cause. Your goal will be to lose influence with him. Last, but not least, there is Mira. She is definitely a Light Side character and just as it was with Visas, you can gain sufficient influence with Mira to train her in just one dialog.

It is important that you NOT take this opportunity to finish your business with Vogga the Hutt. There are limited chances to gain influence with G0-T0 without compromising your alignment. Speaking to Vogga re: G0-T0 or fuel for Telos will cancel out any opportunity you have to unlock G0-T0's rewards later.

Mira - Influence Increase - Once you complete Goto's Yacht and make your way back to Nar Shaddaa, add Mira to your party (if she isn't there already) and ask her "Why don't you kill your targets?". With sufficient Awareness, you should be able to follow this up with "[Awareness] Because all life is connected, and Malachor proved it - you know what the loss of family means, even to your targets.". This really upsets Mira. Carefully negotiate the rest of your dialog choices until she finally tells you "Get away from me. The next time you come and ask me a question, I swear I'll shoot you in the head and dump you out the airlock."

Speak to her again and she will kick things off with "What do you want now?". Reply with "I wanted to apologize." for an influence increase (Mira: 58). She will calm down quite a bit so follow this up with "Still, I'm sorry you lost your family at Malachor.". Both this dialog choice and her response will gain you influence (Mira: 74). She will continue on for a while, but you will eventually have an opportunity to say "All things are connected through the Force. From such acts of kindness, great things may come." for another influence gain (Mira: 82).

Now turn the conversation toward Hanharr. There are many directions to take this conversation and I won't boor you by listing them all here. The important thing to watch for is when Mira is talking about her relationship with Hanharr after the life debt was established. She will recall how Hanharr told her "That I would always be prey." (referring to herself). Reply with "Sometimes it is stronger to spare a life than take it." for the final boost of influence that you will need (Mira: 90)

NOTE: You will need to speak to Mira again while on the Ebon Hawk to trigger the dialog that will allow you to train her. Finish your business on Nar Shaddaa and head back to the ship.

Ebon Hawk

Mira - Influence Increase - Back on the Ebon Hawk, find Mira and speak to her. Get the conversation going and then tell her "You seem restless." when the option is available. Stick to first responses until after she agrees to listen with you on Nar Shaddaa. Luckily, you haven't left yet, so it's just a matter of getting off of the ship again and heading to the spot where the cut scene with Kreia was triggered over by the Entertainment Promenade. Go there now and complete Mira's Jedi training. Even though it isn't really necessary, you will have picked up more influence with Mira during this conversation (Mira: 98).

Kreia - Influence Increase - At this point you should be able to convince Kreia to teach you the lesson of skills. Simply follow the dialog and agree to accept the task she's set before you (Kreia: 34).

G0-T0 - Influence Increase - Go speak to G0-T0. Get around to asking him what skills the droid possesses and then end the conversation with "Those can all prove an asset. Good to have you standing with us - I mean, floating with us." (G0-T0: 58).

NOTE: Now is as good as time as any to finish repairing HK-47. At this point you should have all the parts you need, so head over and complete this bonus mission. Once he springs to life, he will initiate a dialog with you, however there are no influence opportunities during this first exchange. Once you have received confirmation that he has joined your party, speak to him again.

HK-47 - Influence Decrease - Your first real conversation with HK-47 might seem a little abrupt. He's not very happy that you appear to be following the Light Side. When the option is available, select "I am not proud of what I did during the Wars - and I do not wish to discuss it.". This is the only influence-related dialog available at this time, so feel free to end the conversation at any point once you've made this statement (HK-47: 42).

NOTE: You're all done with Nar Shaddaa. Head to the Galaxy Map and set coordinates for Dxun/Onderon.


NOTE: There are a handful of influence opportunities on Dxun, however none of them are applicable to your party at this point. If you haven't already, be sure to pick up Force Persuade at one of your level ups. You'll need it once you get to Onderon.

Concerning Mandalore, it is important to note that there is no Light Side way to gain influence with him. Additionally, there are insufficient influence losing opportunities to facilitate unlocking his rewards that way.


HK-47 - Influence Decrease - In the Iziz Spaceport you will be confronted by a guard on your way to the Merchant Quarter. Use Force Persuade to get past the guard with minimum fuss. HK-47 will question your actions. Respond with "Power must be used responsibly. I couldn't risk answering his questions." to lose influence here (HK-47: 34).

G0-T0 - Influence Increase - Head over to the Western Square and speak to 1B-8D. Attempt to hack into him, but allow G0-T0 to do it for you (G0-T0: 66).

Speak to G0-T0 again and ask him to tell you about his operations on Nar Shaddaa, then ask him about Vogga the Hutt. Stick with first dialog choices until you come back to the main dialog tree and then exit out. Selecting "I agree. Dealing with the Hutts would only hurt the Republic and its people in the long run." increased your influence (G0-T0: 74)

Head back to the Merchant Quarter, where Ponlar is still trying to get his revolution off the ground. Do not opt for any of the available Persuade/Force Persuade choices, rather tell the guard to grab back up. Follow this up with "I will do what I can." to gain influence with G0-T0 (G0-T0: 82).

Interestingly, this is all the influence that is required with G0-T0. Speak to him again and comment that "A lot of your operations on Nar Shaddaa were carried out by droids.". Follow this conversation to its end, pointing out each of the odd droid-related incidents that you encountered while you were on Nar Shaddaa. He will eventually come clean about his origins and your influence related dealings with G0-T0 will be at an end.

HK-47 - Influence Decrease - After your meeting with Kavar, in the cantina, HK-47 will be spoiling for a good fight. Put him in check with "No, HK. You are not to throw grenades at or near civilians." to lose influence with him (HK-47: 26).

NOTE: At this point, you've done everything you can on this trip to Onderon. Time to take the shuttle back to Dxun to see how the Ebon Hawk's repairs are coming along.

Ebon Hawk

NOTE: Your PC should now be at a high enough level to initiate the final sparring match with Handmaiden. Win and you'll be able to train her as a Jedi Guardian. Once you're finished, find the Galaxy Map and head for Dantooine.


NOTE: As mentioned earlier in this walkthrough, female PCs will meet their last party member on Dantooine. Disciple can be found in the sublevel of the Jedi Enclave. Luckily, it is remarkably easy to gain influence with him (ala Visas or Mira). Additionally, you will be able to finish your business with G0-T0 and HK-47 while you are here.

It is important that you remember to add Bao-Dur to your party prior to entering the Crystal Cave. Failure to do so will cause you to miss a critical influence-related dialog with HK-47 after you complete the bonus mission for Saedhe.

Bao-Dur - Influence Increase - After accepting the Sensor Search Bonus Mission from Saedhe, head inside the Crystal Cave with Bao-Dur in tow. Follow first dialog options until you have the opportunity to either let Bao-Dur open the sensors or take advantage of your Repair skills to do the same. Either way you will gain influence with Bao-Dur, provided that you compliment him on his work if you let him do it. Finish the cave or head back out to Saedhe (Bao-Dur: 100).

HK-47 - Influence Decrease - Now that you know what's inside the sensors, go speak to Saedhe again. Mention that you found something inside, and when he offers you 5000 credits for the sensors instead of the original 3000, politely decline the offer. This Light Side act with chafe with HK-47 and you will lose even more influence over him (HK-47: 18).

Later, after finding Akkere's Hydrospanner logded inside one of the droids inside Khoonda, seek out the Sullustan for an explanation. With HK-47 in your party, confront Akkere, but then let him off the hook once you discover the story behind what you've found. Once again, HK-47 bristles against your gesture and you will lose influence with him (HK-47: 10). You have now lost enough influence that you will be able to convince HK-47 to give you pointers on killing Jedi (thereby unlocking his rewards).

NOTE: Unlike some of your other party members, Disciple requires 98% influence before you'll be able to train him to become a Jedi. The good news is that isn't very hard to accomplish.

Disciple - Influence Increase - Immediately after Disiple joins your party, speak to him. He will say "There is something I have observed, and now I feel I must say it.". He will continue to go on about your alignment with the Light Side. Respond with one of the Light Side options and then after he says "I fear the stories that were spoken of you have misrepresented you. And if I have the opportunity, I shall reverse them whenever they arise.", respond with "I thank you for your kind words, but they are not necessary." (Disciple: 66).

When you go to leave, he will stop you with an observation and a question. When prompted, respond with "I left to protect the innocents on the Outer Rim.". When Disciple asks if you have a recording of the trial, tell him either "Yes, the droid has a holo-recording of it." or "T3-M4 has a copy of it.". Follow this up with either "You are free to do so." or "I trust you - go ahead." (Disciple: 82).

Speak to Disciple again and he will tell you that he has been reviewing the holorecord of your trial. Just follow this dialog for a while, sticking to neutral responses. When the opportunity arises, select "Are you sure I don't know you? You look familiar - more so than before.". He will admit that you knew each other previously and then go on a lengthy diatribe. Feel free to stick around for a bit or end the dialog at the first opportunity (Disciple: 90).

One last dialog to go. Talk to Disciple and ask him to tell you about his training on Dantooine. When the option is available tell him "I am sorry if my leaving ruined your chances of becoming a Jedi Knight." (Disciple: 98). Follow this up with "I could train you to feel the Force again." and then sit back and watch the training unfold.

NOTE: Even though Disciple is now a Jedi, your abilty to profit from your influcence over him is not nearly over. Once you get back to the Ebon Hawk, be sure to speak to him more about his medical background, meditation habits, and more

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