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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Influence Walkthrough by Achilles

The Dark Side Walkthrough

The Harbinger

Kreia - Influence Decrease - "Watch that tone, old woman - I will not be lectured by you" after she reminds you that "Our enemies gather while we wait here." (Kreia: 42).

NOTE: Once you make it onto the Engine Deck, Atton will interrupt with a premonition. There are some influence laden responses here, however you goal is to avoid either gaining or losing influence at this point. You can accomplish this by responding to his comments with "What's wrong?" followed by "Save your feelings for when we're out of here.".


T3-M4 - Influence Decrease - "We may still have a use for you. Follow me." while he's telling you about being ambushed by the HK-50 unit (T3-M4: 42).

Ebon Hawk - Escape From Peragus

Kreia - Influence Increase - "If your training brings me power, then I will listen." after she offers to help you reestablish your connection to the Force (Kreia: 50).


Atton - Influence Increase/Kreia - Influence Decrease - After making an impression on the local law enforcement, head out into Residential Module 082 East (Apartments). Head across the hall to the cluster of apartments opposite those you just left. In the center apartment is a footlocker that you can ransack. After doing so, you will be approached by the apartment's righful resident. Pick a fight and kill him to gain influence with Atton and lose influence with Kreia (Atton: 58/Kreia: 42).

Atton - Influence Increase - While running errands for Luxa, you'll be asked to collect a debt from Opo Chano. Remove Kreia from your party before speaking with Opo, then take a hard line with him and kill him when you get the chance. Another influence increase with Atton (Atton: 66).

After that, you'll finally get your chance to meet with Lopak Slusk. While on your way to the meeting, kill the receptionist for yet another influence bump (Atton: 74). Feel free to leave the module and add Kreia back to your party before you proceed to your confrontation with Lopak Slusk.

Bao-Dur - Influence Decrease - Inside the Underground Base, you will encounter a Czerka employee that's been trapped there. Follow the Dark Side options until you have a chance to kill him and get your first influence decrease with Bao-Dur (Bao-Dur: 42).

Bao-Dur - Influence Decrease - Seek out your party members after arriving in the Secret Academy. After Bao-Dur wakes up and says "I... am sorry, General. I must have lost consciousness in the crash." reply with either "We could have used you earlier when we were ambushed. Do not fail me again." or "I have no use for a soldier who falls at the first sign of combat. Be on your guard in the future.". Follow this up with "This'll be your new home if your wounds could slow me down. Understand?" and "Just go to the ship - I will deal with your failure later." when available (Bao-Dur: 18).

T3-M4 - Influence Decrease - After recovering T3-M4 in the Hidden Academy, select "Don't waste my time with excuses." while discussing his capture (T3-M4: 34).

Ebon Hawk - Escape From Telos

NOTE: Many of the INF opportunities in this section are related to Handmaiden. If your PC is female, then Handmaiden will not appear during this exchange and the INF options listed here will not apply. Female PCs will instead meet up with Disciple on Dantooine. From this point forward, entries for Handmaiden and Disciple may be found side-by-side.

Handmaiden - Influence Increase - Interestingly, your objective during your very first influential meeting with Handmaiden is to avoid influence-related options altogether. Unfortunately, this isn't possible, but you can minimize the damage. During the cutscene select "Do you think we need help?" followed by "When you put it like that, then welcome aboard.". While this isn't exactly Dark Side, it is important to note that the Dark Side options would have cost you influence that would be impossible to regain without gaining Light Side points. For the final part of this conversation, select either "Look, forget Atton. Take the regular quarters, we have enough room." or "Don't let them bother you - we've just been through a lot." (Handmaiden: 58).

After the cutscene, the gloves come off so go speak to Handmaiden and initiate the first of three duels with her. If you win, you will gain influence with her (Handmaiden: 66).

With that accomplished go back and select "I wanted to ask you about Atris.". Stick with first option until you get to the part where she states "I see. I have asked you many questions - I did not mean to. They are questions that have gathered over years, and I did not wish to ask Atris.". Reply with "Only fools fear questions - and their answers." (Handmaiden: 74).

NOTE: It is important that you ask her about Atris before getting to 69% influence or higher. Apparently, once Handmaiden starts taking a liking to you, the subject of Atris makes her moody.

Speak to her one more time and ask her "Why do you look different than your sisters?". You will have sufficient influcence to unlock convince her to share her family history. The objective here is to make it to the end of the conversation where she swears alligience to you. If you make it there, you will gain another dose of influence (Handmaiden: 82).

NOTE: After you've finished speaking to Handmaiden, seek out Kreia. She seems upset that others are joining you. Stick with Dark Side options and end this conversation as soon as it runs it course. Now talk to her again and she will begin to question the amount of time that you are spending with Handmaiden. Stick to Neutral/Dark Side options here and finish the conversation. She will mention Handmaiden's Jedi heritage, unlocking a vital dialog option that will allow you to gain influence with Handmaiden later in the game. You can go speak to Handmaiden again, however you will not have sufficient influence with her to complete that portion of the dialog.

Kreia - Influence Increase - Talk to Kreia again. She will mention that you are getting more powerful and then caution you about falling to the Dark Side. You will eventually come to a point in the conversation where you have to comment on your regard for your party members. Select "Then I shall view you as disposable, then." (Kreia: 50).

After this, let Kreia know that you have more questions and then ask her why she doesn't like Handmaiden. Again, just stick with Dark Side options, specifically either "Agreed. We need every tool we can get if Atris tries anything." or "I will keep in that mind - and watch the Handmaiden carefully." after she says "Do not see every enemy as an enemy - see them instead as an ally, whether they realize it or not. This situation may yet work to our advantage." (Kreia: 58).

T3-M4 - Influence Decrease - Find T3-M4 and ask him, "How's the Ebon Hawk". Reply to answer with either "Just be sure it stays that way, or we'll be using you for spare parts." or "Keep up the routine maintenance. If something goes wrong, I'll hold you responsible." (T3-M4: 26). Now ask T3-M4 to show the list of Jedi Masters again. When he's finished tell him, "If you do that again, I'll have you memory wiped. Understand?" (T3-M4: 18).

Last one. This influence opportunity will only be available if your Intelligence is at least 14 and your Computer Usage Skill is at least 10. Use whatever boosting items and Force powers you have, and then go speak to T3-M4 one last time. You should now see, "[Intelligence] How did you get here, T3?" in your list of dialog options. Follow this up with "[Computer] That does it. I'm going to rip out your module and get some answers." and then "I don't care what damage it could cause - I want to know what you're hiding.". This will unlock a hidden message that he is storing. Depending on Revan's gender and alignment, you'll find a message from either Bastila or Carth.

There are more Dark Side influence opportunities after the message is finished playing however, you've already bottomed-out your influence with T3-M4, so you can opt to end the conversation now. If you haven't already, make sure that you've beefed up your Computer Usage and Repair skills and get to work on T3-M4 for some really cool upgrades and XP (T3-M4: 02)

NOTE: There are no additional influence opportunities at this time. Go the Galaxy Map and head for Nar Shaddaa.

Nar Shaddaa

NOTE: Continuing with the "reap what you sow" theme, there are a few things that you must be sure to do on Nar Shaddaa in order to guarantee influence opportunities later. To be specific, you will be unable to unlock vital dialog options with G0-T0 later in the game if you do not hack the swoop racing droid in the Refugee Landing Pad and the Pazaak droid in the Entertainment Promenade. Furthermore, you must also complete the Experiments in Delivery Bonus Mission involving the Bith scientist in the flophouses.

After the initial cutscene on the landing pad, turn around and enter the Ebon Hawk to trigger the duel that allows Visas to enter your party.

Ebon Hawk

Visas - Influence Increase - After you defeat her in battle, select "And what have you to offer more than your life?", "You pledge yourself to me?", or " I am in need of servants, not corpses." when she states "My life for yours" (Visas: 58).

Handmaiden - Influence Decrease - After the scene in the medbay, Handmaiden will state "She is a threat to us.". Reply with "She is useful, and I do not mean to kill her yet." (Handmaiden: 74).

Kreia - Influence Increase - When you speak to Kreia next, she will question your relationship with Visas. Stick to Dark Side choices here and when she says "Her presence here is a threat to us. To you. Do not underestimate her... or her loyalty.", reply with "Ties to her master, perhaps. And I intend to follow that bond to its source when the opportunity presents itself." (Kreia: 66).

Initiate another conversation with Kreia and mention that Visas did something to your eyes while you were fighting. This will open up the Lesson of Listening, where she teaches you to feel others through the Force. Accepting this lesson will gain you influence with her along with some other small rewards (Kreia: 74).

Note: With that small task behind you, leave the Ebon Hawk again.

Nar Shaddaa

Kreia - Influence Increase - After making your way to Tienn Tubb's shop and speaking to him about changing the Ebon Hawk's transponder codes, you will be approached by his droid with a task. Return to TT-32 with either the droid he requested or it's memory core. With sufficient Intelligence, you will see an option to "negotiate" a discount on Tienn's goods. Successfully close this deal to earn influence for your cunning (Kreia: 82).

NOTE: You will need to have the Influence Dialog Patch installed before you go on to the next section. Without it, you will be unable to get the airspeeder part off of Lasavvou's corpse. This item is required for your final influence shift with Bao-Dur . If you miss this one, your next (and last) chance to influence Bao-Dur isn't until Dantooine, so you're better off completing your business here.

Atton - Influence Increase - Head over to the Docks and with only Atton in your party, pick a fight with the crew of the Lunar Shadow, the small group of aliens in flophouses. Kill them all for an influence gain (Atton: 82). Go around the corner and do the same with Lasavvou, the grounded Ithorian (Atton: 90). Finally, go two doors down and murder Lootra. You'll get the third part you need to build your lightsaber as well as an influence increase (Atton: 98).

NOTE: Now that Lootra is dead, do not help Aaida clear the way to return to her husband. If you do, Lootra will reappear, Aaida will join him, you'll get Light Side points, and you'll reopen the quest with no way to close it. Your best bet is to let "the bouncers" in the Refugee Quad live, then trick Aaida into trying to make her way to the Docks.

You now have sufficient influence over Atton to make him a Dark Jedi Sentinel, however you must first unlock this necessary dialog option by triggering the cutscene with the two Twi'leks in the Refugee Quad before you can actually do it. Once you've met up with them and learned about Atton's history, you can speak to him again to complete his training.

Now that you've cleaned (flop)house, collect the rest of the pieces that you need to repair the broken airspeeder and head for the Refugee Quad.

Visas - Influence Increase - With only Visas in your party, find Geriel and use your Persuade skills to convince him to commit suicide (Visas: 66). After you've taken care of Geriel and convinced Nadaa to give herself over to the Saquesh, you should be able to persuade Hussef to give in to the Exchange. This cunning act will gain you influence with Visas (Visas: 74).

NOTE: Exit to the Landing Pad and add Bao-Dur to your party before heading back into the Refugee Quad to repair the broken airspeeder. Upon reaching the Landing Pad, you may trigger a cutscene back at the Ebon Hawk involving the Red Eclipse. Do not go back to the ship at this time. Wait to take care of them until after you have completed your business on Nar Shaddaa's surface.

Also, you may wish to add Atton to your party as well. If you pass through the refugee section on your way to the airspeeder, you will most likely trigger the aforementioned cutscene with the Twi'leks (pass through using the corridor closest to the Serroco section). You will be able to train Atton immediately following that exchange.

Bao-Dur - Influence Decrease - In the Serroco part of the Refugee Quad, you will find the now infamous Broken Airspeeder. While repairing it, you will have This will provide you with the last influence decrease necessary to train Bao-Dur to become a Jedi (Bao-Dur: 10).

NOTE: You will have to speak to Bao-Dur several times and go through each of the main dialog options available before you can unlock the "training" portion of your conversation.

Finish your business in the Quad, then head back to the Landing Pad. If you've completed everything up till this point, then you will trigger a cutscene involving the Red Eclipse when you enter the Landing Pad module. Get ready for a fight and head back to the ship.

Ebon Hawk

NOTE: When you first enter the Ebon Hawk, you will find yourself in the middle of a fire fight. After you deal with the slavers you will have a few opportunities to gain influence with your party members.

Handmaiden - Influence Increase - If you are at Level 14 or above (and you probably should be at this point), you can initiate the second sparring match for more influence (Handmaiden: 82). After this match, she will stop you to question why it is that you choose to go back and face the Jedi Counsel at your trial. Any response that you provide will gain you influence (Handmaiden: 90).

NOTE: You now have sufficient influence to train Handmaiden, however just as you had to trigger the conversation with the Twi'leks before you train Atton, you must complete the last sparring match with Handmaiden before she can become a Dark Jedi Guardian.

Kreia - Influence Increase - Speak to Kreia and indicate that you wish to continue the Lesson of Listening. When you are finished with you gain more influence with her as well as some other rewards for completing the lesson (Kreia: 90).

NOTE: Now that you have completed the Lesson of Listening, you can speak to Atton about his mental Pazaak habits to gain an increase to your Will saving throws.

You're now finished with all the influence opportunities that are available to you at this time. Once you leave the Ebon Hawk, you will trigger the rendezvous with Visquis in the Jekk'Jekk Tarr.

Nar Shaddaa

NOTE: By the time that you return from your trip to Goto's Yacht, you should have 3 new party members: G0-T0, HK-47, and Hanharr. Considering HK-47 a party member is a stretch because technically, you will only have all of the parts that you need to finish repairing him and not the completed droid himself, but let's not split hairs. All three of your new party members lean heavily toward the Dark Side, so you should be able to max your influence with them pretty easily.

Wrap up any loose ends on Nar Shaddaa and head back to the Ebon Hawk to finish your repairs on HK-47.

Ebon Hawk

HK-47 - Influence Increase - After completing his repairs, you'll be subjected to a brief dialog thats purpose is to facilitate adding HK-47 to your party. Immediately after it is completed, speak to him again. He will say "Statement: Master, I must say it is a pleasure to be working side by side with you.". When it is available, select "Stick with me - you'll pick up a few things." for an influence boost (HK-47: 58).

Hanharr - Influence Increase - Go speak to Hanharr. He will comment on your Dark Side visage and eventually you'll be able to interject with some questions. Mention that you've heard that he hunts humans and when he says "No human must survive, those that do must be taught what life debts are - and why they will pay the price for my people.", reply with either "But still you serve me, as a slave should. You know your place." or "Any human that cannot stand against you deserves to die.". Nothing more can be gained from speaking to him at this time, so cut the conversation short and find Kreia (Hanharr: 58).

Kreia - Influence Increase - You will need to speak to Kreia to trigger the Lesson of Strength, however if you have 14 Wisdom or higher, you can save some time and complete the lesson now. If you are able to do so, you will gain some significant goodies along with some Dark Side points, an influence gain with Kreia, and 500 XP. If you don't, not to worry, you can still complete the lesson later, but you will need to boost your Wisdom first (Kreia: 98).

NOTE: You now have sufficient influence over Kreia to ask her about Revan and unlock the last of her little secrets.

G0-T0 - Influence Increase - Speak to G0-T0 and question him about saving the Republic. Mention that you might be willing to help out for some credits. When he states "For every system you stabilize, I will reward you for your efforts.", reply with "If you have the credits, then that is all I needed to hear.", "I will do what has to be done, no matter what the cost.", or "If I have to kill everyone to do it, you'll get your stability." (G0-T0: 58).

NOTE: Head to the Galaxy Map and set course for Dxun.


HK-47 - Influence Increase/Hanharr - Influence Increase - After your meeting with Mandalore, make your way back out into the jungle. Seek out Kumus and use the permacrete detonator to blow him up. Due to a rather fortutitious oversight, this act will gain you double the usual influence with HK-47 (HK-47: 74/Hanharr: 66).

Hanharr - Influence Increase - Take a moment to speak to Hanharr. Ask him about his shackles. Keep the conversation going, making sure to ask about Czerka and his people. When he states "Metal they placed upon my wrists and neck, to keep me bound and weak. They were not strong enough to hold me otherwise.", reply with either "Yet somehow, they were strong enough to cage you - as it should be." or "Perhaps you are weak in that you allowed the shackles to be placed at all." (Hanharr: 74).

Eventually he will tell you about how he came to be on Nar Shaddaa. When the opportunity is available, comment that "You can't have been the only slave Czerka took from your world.". Settle in and prepare for a long story about Czerka and the Wookies. After some time, you will have an opportunity to comment on Hanharr's acts. He will say "But there is one truth that you know - that all life is connected, and there is life and light after the black of the Shadowlands.". Reply with either "You lessen an act of slaughter by thinking it was salvation." or "The only truth is that you killed your tribe because they were weak - which is what they deserved." (Hanharr: 82).

But wait, there's more. He will mention that he wants to leave the Shadowlands and bemoan "Yet I am trapped here with you, in this cage, surrounded by the stench of human animals.". Comment that "What you did to your people was madness - yet there was strength in it." and he will begin speaking of Malachor V. When he says "I know that you did no such thing with your own tribe. They died alone, in pain, and the only one to hear them die was you.", reply with either "If you think such deaths bother me, they do not." or "Everyone at Malachor died because they had to - and I would destroy them all again, gladly." (Hanharr: 90). A few exchanges more and the conversation will be finished.

Speak to Hanharr one more time and tell him that you wish to share your lesson of strength with him. Just keep him talking and eventually he will break beneath your will, unlocking the last of your rewards and finalizing your influence over him.

HK-47 - Influence Increase - Speak to HK-47 again and ask him about his previous master. He will offer a rather humorous commentary on some of the party members from the first game. When you attempt to exit the conversation, he will interrupt with a question. Respond with "The next person who prevents me from leaving when I say the conversation is over is going to die. Now let me go, or else." for another influence increase (HK-47: 82).

Talk to him again, asking him about his earlier inquiry about the Mandalorian Wars. Follow this vein until the conversation turns toward Revan and his/her conversion of the Jedi. Select "I can't allow you to remain on this ship if you've killed Jedi." then respond to his answer with either "If you say that again, I will destroy you." or "If I had known what would happen, I might have done it intentionally." (HK-47: 90).

NOTE: Finish your business on Dxun and head to Onderon. If you haven't already, be sure to spend any Force Powers that you earn at level ups to pick up Affect Mind (and Dominate Mind just to be safe).


HK-47 - Influence Increase - After landing in the Iziz Spaceport, head to the entrace to the Merchant Quarter, where you will be stopped by a guard. Use the Force Persuade options to get by. When HK-47 comments, reply with "It's inside a city, HK, otherwise..." (HK-47: 98). Afterwards, ask him "Why did Revan not consider the Republic a threat?". Follow along until you have an opportunity to ask him "If I need to kill a Jedi, how would I do it?". This branch of dialog will unlock HK-47's considerable rewards.

Visas - Influence Increase - Add Visas to your party and then head into the Merchant Quarter. Find the aliens debating politics by the entrance to Western Square. When they ask your opinion and Visas interjects, reply with "Vaklu sounds capable and has ambition. Drive and experience is a powerful combination.", "The Republic has taken advantage of Onderon. A little revolution, now and again, can be a good thing.", or "I'll lend support to whomever serves my interests better." (Visas: 82).

G0-T0 - Influence Increase - Head into the Western Square and find the droid merchant, 1B-8D. Try to hack into his systems for a discount and wait for G0-T0 to offer his assistance. Reply with "Your assistance would be appreciated" to gain influence with him (G0-T0: 66).

NOTE: You may want to remove G0-T0 from your party before heading back to the Merchant Quarter. If you do not, he will threaten the bounty hunters that try to ambush you, thereby robbing you of some XP and some valuable loot. Most importantly, you will need the group leader's Starport Pass so that you can alter it with Kiph (and in turn trade it with Sakarie). After you've made your way to the Merchant Quarter, add him back to your group.

Once you're back in the Merchant Quarter, go towards Ponlar and his growing group of followers. Things have come to a boil, so use your Persuade skill to rally the crowd around him. G0-T0 will chide you about instability, but reply with "Vaklu ultimately would bring greater stability to Onderon. We need to demonstrate we're willing to work with him." to bring him back to his senses (G0-T0: 74).

Finally, head to the Iziz Cantina. Take the Starport Visa that you found on the bounty hunter and pay Kiph to alter it for you. Turn around and offer to trade it to Sakarie for whatever you'd like. During the transaction, G0-T0 will once again offer his opinion on the matter. Respond to his comment with "It's the only way to make a profit." (G0-T0: 82).

NOTE: Believe it or not, this is all the influence that you need to open up G0-T0's backstory. Congratulations; you've done all you can with him.

Visas - Influence Increase - After finishing your business with Dhagon Ghent and sending your message to the Palace, go back to the Cantina with Visas in your party. Once Tobin crashes your reunion with Kavar, Visas will be ready for some good old fashioned brawling. Tell her to "cleanse away" for the final influence boost that you'll need to unlock her rewards (Visas: 90).

NOTE: Due to some unfair writing, you will be unable to unlock the dialog choices necessary to learn Force Sight without either losing influence with Visas or picking up some Light Side points. Since you can't avoid this conundrum, your best bet is to take the alignment hit until you learn the Force Power and then choose the Dark Side options on your way back out to make up and Dark Side points that you lose. Wrap up any loose ends on Onderon/Dxun and head back to the Ebon Hawk.

Ebon Hawk

Handmaiden - Influence Increase - By this point you should be at level 19 or higher. Go ahead and initiate the final sparring match with Handmaiden. Afterwards you will be able to train her as a Dark Jedi Guardian (Handmaiden: 98).


NOTE: The only influence opportunities of any real significance revolve around Disciple, the party member that female PCs will receive in place of Handmaiden. Luckily you can make up for "lost time" by maxing out your influcence and training him to become a Jedi before you leave the room you found him in.

Disciple - Influence Decrease - When you first speak to Disciple after he joins your party, he will comment on your Dark Side alignment. No matter what you say, you will gain an automatic influence decrease (Disciple: 42).

Speak to Disciple again, any topic will suffice. After you are finished and attempt to leave, he will stop you to ask about your exile. When he asks if you have a record of the trial, tell him that you do, however do not agree to let him see them. This will prohibit you from inadvertently picking up any influcence increases.

Once again, speak to Disciple. Despite your previous exchange, he will admit that he has seen the holorecord of your trial. Before you end the dialog, ask him what he does. He will comment that he has some medical training. Ask to be examined and after his has finished his prognosis, select "Save your counseling for the weak - I feel powerful, strong." (Disciple: 34).

Initiate another dialog with Disciple and ask him what he does for the Republic. When he comments that he is trying to perserve the Jedi histories, ask him why he feels that is important. After he admits that he has tried to keep an open mind about the Jedi, select "It is the truth - the foolishness and arrogance of the Jedi has brought much harm to the galaxy." (Disciple: 26).

After he admits that he has ofter felt the same way, keep the conversation going, inquiring about the various key planets in the Republic. Ask him "How did this happen?", and then follow it up with "So what? Does the Republic deserve to be saved?". When available, begin wrapping up the conversation by stating "The galaxy belongs to those who can hold it. Perhaps the Sith are a better choice." (Disciple: 18).

Talk to Disciple again and comment "You look familiar to me.". He will admit that you two knew each other before the Mandalorian Wars. When he laments his missed opportunity of Jedihood, respond with "It is good you turned from the weakness and hypocrisy of the Jedi - as I did." (Disciple: 10).

Speak to Disciple one last time. Ask him about his Jedi training on Dantooine. After he finishes relaying the story, tell him "Well, I doubt you could have completed the training anyway." (Disciple: 2). Follow this up by offering to train him. He will accept, becoming a Jedi Consular.

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